Back in 2003 I helped a dear friend produce this first video designed to inform Birmingham school children and library patrons about how libraries will be utilized in the coming years. Little did I know this one instructional video would lead to my becoming a teacher and then later to becoming an instructional designer managing an online learning department for a local community college.

Vestavia Hills Library, Libraries in Transition from Russell Gann on Vimeo.

 This next example was developed from a scripted provided by a member of our English faculty. From the script I developed this concept to entertain and engage our college students in learning rules for grammar and punctuation.

This video presentation was developed to inform those who would be attending our school about the college placement assessment test and how it is used to place students in Math and English courses. I was provided a powerpoint and from this I spoke with our advising department and testing center to produce the script. The school drama department helped find volunteer students and then we shot the video on green screen and completed the project in the broadcast studio lab.

This final presentation I am very proud of as it was produced to inform our college administration concerning a need for a Veterans Student Center on our campus. I interviewed four Veterans, three students and one member of our college staff.