Acoustic Cafe 2013

Acoustic Cafe, Saturday NightThis was my second time attending this music festival and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was well attended by friendly folks from all over. The food and concessions are good and the prices are reasonable.
It was billed to me as a bluegrass music festival but as much or more the music is folk and Americana. It is family friendly.

We arrived Friday afternoon around 5PM and there was hardly a space left to pitch a tent but a friend helped us find a good spot. Many I spoke with had been there for a few days and I was also told that you can get there even a week earlier to mark out a spot. Four showers and plenty of port-o-potties. It is 97% primitive camping.

Being a music festival we heard from many talents among whom I enjoyed the Herb Trotman Band’s bluegrass. I go for the bluegrass. I also enjoyed Todd Snider’s one man performance with his humorous and witty lyrics, but as the night progressed he got just a little too political for my taste so I turned in a little early. Those camping around us could be heard picking, laughing, singing and having a wonderful time all night long.

Saturday morning I must say I slept through the nature walk and morning yoga but I did walk about and filled my cup with the complementary coffee more than a few times.

Saturday night featured a no show in form of Tony Rice Unit who had called in with sickness, but we were blessed with the scratch band the guys put together and though I can’t quite remember the group name they came up with they won the crowd over. I hope they play instead of Tony next year.

Dread Clampitt is a regular favorite each year at the Acoustic Cafe. I had only heard them once before at last years festival and I honestly did not care for them. I have to be honest, but I am so glad I gave them second listen. They seemed like a completely different band and I was absolutely blown away. Dread Clampitt, I can’t wait until next year. Claire Lynch Band came up the rear as the final performance of the night and I turned in quite late with sounds of fiddles, banjos, and mandolins ringing in my ears.

I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend in Haleyville, Alabama while attending the Acoustic Cafe 2013 and I look forward to returning next year. Oh and last but not least, there is a whole lot of hula hooping going on. Give it a chance and you’ll might become a regular.

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